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Not sure what kind of bridal hairstyle to go for? Hairstyle is as important as the dress in making an impression on the bride. There are so many pretty styles to choose from. So, which is the style that suits you best?

Here, we are going to take a look at various bridal hairstyles that are trending. Hairstyle that suit your hair length, dress or even the mood that you are going for.

Low Bun / Chignon Style

A volumized low bun or chignon style is an ever-popular hairstyle for all ages.

The strategically pulled out loose tendrils and calculated airy feel makes it both stylish and natural whereas a classic chignon brings out the glamour of the accessories. They are able to carry over the top headdress and large earrings well.

It is a versatile style that goes with any types of dresses especially Mermaid, Trumpet and Princess line. And suitable for bob, medium and long hair. It is especially well liked by brides that favors the mature and elegant image.


A casual textured ponytail is a popular trend with more casual style weddings taking place lately.

You can also achieve the image you are going for depending on the position of the ponytail. For example, a high ponytail with large curls creates a sophisticated and fun look. Whereas a lower ponytail creates a classy and gentle image. You can also add a dramatic accessory on the side for that extra glamour.

A ponytail is suitable for medium to short hair and it looks especially good with the trendy mermaid or A-line dress. The loose hair flowing down from the ponytail accentuates the feminine lines creating a sleek and elegant image.

Half Up

Half up is suitable for medium to long hair length bride that are going for a feminine and pretty (sweet) image. It is perfect for casual settings such as a restaurant or a garden wedding. Flower crown will go especially well with a half up hair paired with an A-line or Ballgown dress.

Once thing to note about this style, is that it may not be the best in withstanding our warm and humid weather unless indoor. The humidity and sweat may loosen the curls after long hours therefore substantial amount of hair spray to keep the style in place is inevitable.


Braids of all kinds especially mermaid braid is a trend that is becoming undeniably popular. It is popular with brides that love feminine and romantic style.

Staggering flower/preserved flower is a popular style for this look, adding ribbons to this will make an even huge impact and its perfect for photos! Lighter hair tone or highlights will look even better for this style.

This style is also a recommended alternative to brides that like the half up style but is concerned about the humidity that may cause a havoc to the down style. An empire-line dress is perfect with this intricate hairstyle creating just the right amount of flamboyance and femininity.

High Bun

Updo at a higher position can be both elegant and gorgeous. A neatly put together classic updo with tiara for that royal princess-like look. And add more volume and textures at the top for more dramatic effect. They look great in dark or black hair color too.

This elegant hairstyle looks particularly great in dresses that have volume at the bottom such as A-line and Princess line. However, goes generally well with both simple and gorgeous dresses! It also helps keep your nape nice and clean.

Side Swept

Side Swept style for the trendy and romantic bride. The appeal of a side swept hair, is that they not only look good from the front but pretty from all angles. It goes particularly well with staggered flowers however it is important that the color matches the bouquet to keep a nice balance.

Brides with oblong face shape might want to consider this style for the extra volume on the side if the face. Empire of Princess line is perfect for this style.

Bob & Short Hair

Bob length or short hair can enjoy various hairstyles too depending on how you arrange and utilize the accessories.

A curled down style with all fringe up for a classy and edgy look or braided fringe for a cuter image. Bob and short hair carry large floral head piece beautifully as well as large statement earrings.


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